The curious case of Benjamin Button


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2007 Heftet

Gjennomsnittlig terningkast: 3.60 (5 terningkast.)

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Omtale fra Den Norske Bokdatabasen

Today F. Scott Fitzgerald is better known for his novels, but in his own time, his fame rested squarely on his prolific achievement as one of America's most gifted writers of stories and novellas. Now, a half-century after the author's death, the premier Fitzgerald scholar and biographer, Matthew J. Bruccoli, has assembled in one volume the full scope of Fitzgerald's best short fiction: forty-three sparkling masterpieces, ranging from such classic novellas as "The Rich Boy," "May Day," and "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz" to his commercial work for the "Saturday Evening Post" and its sister "slicks." For the reader, these stories will underscore the depth and extraordinary range of Fitzgerald's literary talents. Furthermore, Professor Bruccoli's illuminating preface and introductory headnotes establish the literary and biographical settings in which these stories now shine anew with brighter luster than ever.

Omtale fra forlaget

'This story was inspired by a remark of Mark Twain's to the effect that it was a pity that the best part of life came at the beginning and the worst part at the end. By trying the experiment upon only one man in a perfectly normal world I have scarcely given his ideas a fair trial.' Fitzgerald's thought-provoking tale, 'THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON' is a fantastical satire about aging. It is the strange and haunting story of Benjamin Button who is born as an old man and ages backwards so that at the beginning of his life he is an old man and at the end of his life he is a baby.


Utgivelsesår 2007

Format Heftet

ISBN13 9781416556053

EAN 9781416556053

Genre Klassisk litteratur

Språk Engelsk

Utgave 1

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Synes det var veldig greit å lage liste over bøker etterhvert som jeg leste dem i fjor, så tenkte å gjøre det samme i år. :)

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