av (forfatter). 2015 Paperback

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Utgivelsesår 2015

Format Paperback

ISBN13 9780765385253

Språk Engelsk

Sider 96

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However, just because something isn’t surprising doesn’t mean it’s easy to deal with.

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We prefer to explore the universe by traveling inward, as opposed to outward.

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Prøver meg på Popsugar 2017 Reading Challenge. Selv om det er noen punkter jeg kommer til å ha vanskeligheter med å finne bøker i. Legger inn bøker etterhvert som jeg finner dem:)

A Book Recommended by a Librarian
A Book that's been on your TBR (to be read) List for way too long
A Book of Letters
An Audiobook
A Book by a Person of Color
A Book with one of the Seasons in the Title
A Book that is a Story within a Story
A Book with Multiple Authors
An Espionage Thriller
A Book with a Cat on the Cover
A Book by an Author who uses a Pseudonym
A Bestseller from a Genre you don't Normally read
A Book by or about a person who has a disability
A Book Involving Travel
A book with a subtitle
A Book Involving a Mythical Creature
A book that's published in 2017
A Book you've read before that never fails to make you smile
A Book about Food
A Book with Career Advice
A Book from a Nonhuman Perspective
A Steampunk Novel
A Book with a red spine
A Book set in the Wildeness
A Book you loved as a Child
A Book by an Author from a Country you've Never Visited
A Book with a title that's a Character's Name
A Novel set during Wartime
A Book with an Unreliable Narrator
A Book with Pictures
A Book where the main Character is a Different Ethnicity than you
A Book about an interesting Woman
A Book set in two Different Time Periods
A Book with a Month or a Day of the Week in the Title
A Book set in a Hotel
A Book written by someone you Admire
A Book that's becomming a Movie in 2017
A Book set around a holiday other than Christmas
The First Book in a Series you haven't read before
A Book you bought on a Trip

A Book recommended by an Author you love
A Bestseller from 2016
A Book with a Family-Member term in the Title
A Book that takes place over a character's Lifespan
A Book about an immigrant or refugee
A Book from a genre/subgenre that you've never heard of
A Book with an Eccentric Character
A Book that's more than 800 pages
A Book you got from a used book sale
A Book that's been Mentioned in another Book
A Book about a Difficult Topic
A Book based on Mythology

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2021 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

  1. A book that's published in 2021
  2. An Afrofuturist book
  3. A book that has a heart, diamond, club, or spade on the cover
  4. A book by an author who shares your zodiac sign
  5. A dark academia book
  6. A book with a gem, mineral, or rock in the title
  7. A book where the main character works at your current or dream job
  8. A book that has won the Women's Prize For Fiction
  9. A book with a family tree
  10. A bestseller from the 1990s

  11. A book about forgetting

  12. A book you have seen on someone's bookshelf (in real life, on a Zoom call, in a TV show, etc.)
  13. A locked-room mystery
  14. A book set in a restaurant
  15. A book with a black-and-white cover
  16. A book by an Indigenous author
  17. A book that has the same title as a song
  18. A book about a subject you are passionate about
  19. A book that discusses body positivity
  20. A book found on a Black Lives Matter reading list

  21. A genre hybrid

  22. A book set mostly or entirely outdoors
  23. A book with something broken on the cover
  24. A book by a Muslim British author
  25. A book that was published anonymously
  26. A book with an oxymoron in the title
  27. A book about do-overs or fresh starts
  28. A magical realism book
  29. A book set in multiple countries
  30. A book set somewhere you'd like to visit in 2021
  31. A book by a blogger, vlogger, YouTube video creator, or other online personality

  32. A book whose title starts with "Q," "X," or "Z"

  33. A book featuring three generations (grandparent, parent, child)
  34. A book about a social justice issue
  35. A book in a different format than what you normally read (audiobooks, ebooks, graphic novels)
  36. A book that has fewer than 1,000 reviews on Amazon or Goodreads
  37. A book you think your best friend would like
  38. A book about art or an artist
    39.A book everyone seems to have read but you
  39. Your favourite prompt from a past POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

41. The longest book (by pages) on your TBR list
42. The shortest book (by pages) on your TBR list
43. The book on your TBR list with the prettiest cover
44. The book on your TBR list with the ugliest cover
45. The book that's been on your TBR list for the longest amount of time
46. A book from your TBR list you meant to read last year but didn't
47. A book from your TBR list you associate with a favourite person, place, or thing
48. A book from your TBR list chosen at random
49. A DNF book from your TBR list
50. A free book from your TBR list (gifted, borrowed, library)

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