Less is more

how degrowth will save the world

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Windmill Books 2021 Heftet

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The world has finally awoken to the reality of climate breakdown and ecological collapse. Now we must face up to its primary cause: capitalism. Our economic system is based on perpetual expansion, which is devastating the living world. There is only one solution that will lead to meaningful and immediate change: degrowth. If we want to have a shot at surviving the Anthropocene, we need to restore the balance. We need to change how we see the world and our place within it, shifting from a philosophy of domination and extraction to one that's rooted in reciprocity with our planet's ecology. We need to evolve beyond the dusty dogmas of capitalism to a new system that's fit for the 21st century. But what about jobs? What about health? What about progress? This text tackles these questions and offers an inspiring vision for what a post-capitalist economy could look like


Forlag Windmill Books

Utgivelsesår 2021

Format Heftet

ISBN13 9781786091215

EAN 9781786091215

Språk Engelsk

Sider 320

Utgave 1

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This is the thing about ecology: everything is interconnected. It’s difficult for us to grasp how this works, because we are used to thinking of the world in terms of individual parts rather than complex wholes. In fact, that’s even how we´ve been taught to think of ourselves – as individuals. We´ve forgotten how to pay attention to the relationship between things

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We tend to take the idea of growth for granted because it sounds so natural. And it is. All living organisms grow. But in nature there is a self-limiting logic to growth: organisms grow to a point of maturity, and then maintain a state of healthy equilibrium.

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And because the rise of capitalism is cast as an expression of innate human nature – human selfishness and greed – problems like inequality and ecological breakdown seem inevitable and virtually impossible to change

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Once nature was an object, you could do more or less anything you wanted to it. Whatever ethical constraints remained against possession and extraction had been removed, much to the delight of capital. Land became property. Living beings became things. Ecosystems became resources.

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