When his father is murdered Miles Linwood is the overwhelmed heir to an estate in financial ruin. He is not able to prevent his close friend Elise Furlong’s disappearance. When he finds her again she is totally transformed and unable to trust him.

For Elise is a standalone novel by Sarah M. Eden, published by Covenant Communications. The story is set in Cheshire, England 1815 and is about Miles Lindwood, Marquess of Grenton who enjoyed a happy childhood with his neighbor and inseparable friend Elise Fulong. During the upheaval after the murder of both their fathers, Elise goes missing. Miles searches for her for years until he happens upon her in a little town. She appears totally transformed and lives in poverty with her mother-in-law and 3 year old daughter. When Miles tries to treat her like a long lost friend she does not trust him, but to better her daughter’s life she agrees to come live on his estate. Elise struggles to feel safe while the murderer is still out there and to trust Miles with the truth of what really happened. Miles gets help with investigating the murder a second time, while the criminal seems to be threateningly close.

Main character Miles Linwood, Marquess of Grenton seems a very caring person who gets overwhelmed with the consequences and responsibilities following his father’s death. He seems to have an admirable determination to get Elise to open up.

Secondary character Elise Furlong Jones is a lady who has suffered great loss and come through it with noticeable scars. Her character touches my heart as she struggles to deal with seemingly impossible circumstances. She is my favorite character of this story.

For Elise includes Sarah M. Eden’s signature writing which I love so much and the captivating plots she creates. This story stands out as it starts with the triple murder where Elise was present. It deals with how the loss of their fathers affect Elise and Miles’ lives and relationship. As there is a second murder investigation, drama builds up a second time.

My favorite part of the story was the murder-mystery where Elise got shot and wounded. I enjoyed how I was kept wondering through the whole story who the murderer might be, his connection to the family and what motive he could possibly have had.

My least favorite part of the story was how Miles was forced to treat Elise like an acquaintance to avoid rumors below stairs and among neighbors. With my modern-day glasses on I felt angry Elise had this unnecessary burden added to her already fragile state, but I thoroughly appreciated it as a dramatic element.

The ending to this story was dramatic and surprising as my suspicions were on a red herring. Miles and Elise managed through all the drama to rebuild their relationship into a romantic one.

Conclusion: The dramatic and romantic story of a triple murder, a disappearance and rekindling of a relationship. This would be the perfect read for anyone who enjoys historical romance with a murder mystery element. Similar authors to explore might be Josi S. Kilpack or Jennifer Moore. All opinions in this review are completely my own.

Rating: 5 stars / 5
Main reasons: great plot that stands out, signature fabulous writing, well crafted characters

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