The Colossus of Maroussi

av (forfatter), Will Self (introduction) og Ian S. MacNiven (afterword).

New Directions 2010 Paperback

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Forlag New Directions

Utgivelsesår 2010

Format Paperback

ISBN13 9780811218573

Språk Engelsk

Sider 240

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We have learned through bitter mistakes that all the peoples of the earth are vitally connected, but we have not made use of that knowledge in an intelligent way. ... The world must become small again as the old Greek world was - small enough to include everybody. Until the very last man is included there will be no real human society.

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Every discovery is mysterious in that it reveals what is so unexpectedly immediate, so close, so long and intimately known.

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Nature alone can do nothing. nature can cure only when man recognizes his place in the world, which is not in Nature, as with the animal, but in the human kingdom, the link between the natural and the divine.

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To live creatively, I have discovered, means to live more and more unselfishly, to live more and more into the world, identifying oneself with it and thus influencing it at the core, so to speak. Art, like religion, it now seems to me, is only a preparation, an initiation into the way of life. The goal is liberation, freedom, which means assuming greater responsibility.

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... There was no longer any goal beyond - I became one with the Path. Each station thenceforth marked a progression into a new spiritual latitude and longitude.

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At that moment I rejoiced that I was free of possessions, free of all ties, free of fear and envy and malice. I could have passed quietly from one dream to another, owning nothing, regretting nothing, wishing nothing. I was never more certain that life and death are one and that neither can be enjoyed or embraced if the other be absent.

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Because nobody can enjoy the experience he desires until he is ready for it. ... To desire is not merely to wish. To desire is to become that which one essentially is.

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It's a mad world and when you become slightly detached it seems even more mad than usual.

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But the most trivial incident, if it happened to Katsimbalis, had a way of blossoming into a great event.

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