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For how can you remember the feel of pleasure or pain or chocking emotion? You can remember only that you had them.

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It would be absurd if we did not understand both angels and devils, since we invented them.

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"Some people think it's an insult to the glory of their sickness to get well"

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"Lord, how the day passes! It's like a life - so quickly when we don't watch it and so slowly when we do"

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The greatest terror a child can have is that he is not loved, and rejection is the hell he fears. I think everyone in the world to a large or small extent has felt rejection. And with rejection comes anger, and with anger some kind of crime in revenge for the rejection, and with that crime guilt - and there is the story of mankind. I think that if rejection could be amputated, the human would not be what he is.

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They looked for a victim - someone to hurt because they were hurt.

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She did not like death but she knew it existed, and when it came it did not surprise her.
Samuel may have thought and played and philosophized about death, but he did not really belive in it. His world did not have death as a member. He, and all around him, was immortal. When real death came it was an outrage, a denial of the immortality he deeply felt, and the one crack in his wall caused the whole structure to crash.

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"Do you take pride in your hurt?" Samuel asked. "Does it make you seem large and tragic?"
"I don't know."
"Well, think about it. Maybe your playing a part on a great stage with only yourself as audience."

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She felt the longing and the itching burn in her chest that is the beginning of love

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Some children want to be babies and some want to be adults. Few are content with their age.

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