Historietime med bra overblikk :

Vedlagte tekst er skrevet av en noe eldre embetsmann,

han har vel scoret endel treff på smertelige punkter
i vår tid, verd å vurdere..

'Klagesang i krigsdur':
Å protestere rasjonelt mot den Kompakte Minoritet

som hadde lagt alle planene..

When Stalin decided in 1932 to eliminate millions of Ukrainians
in the genocide of Holodomor, he planned a famine

by seizing food supplies, forbidding commerce, prohibiting
travel, and censoring those who reported the facts.

This crime against humanity, recently recognized as such by
many nations around the world,
was conducted with methods not unlike those that have been
adopted during the so-called “emergency pandemic”
as part of the Great Reset.

A Ukrainian peasant could have asked: “Why doesn’t Stalin send
provisions, instead of forbidding shops to open and forbidding
Doesn’t he realize that he is making everyone starve to death?”

Yet an observer who was not influenced by communist propaganda
would have responded to him:
“Because Stalin wants to eliminate all the Ukrainians,
and he is blaming a famine he knowingly caused for this purpose.”

The peasant who asked the question would have committed the same
error as many today
who, in the presence of an alleged pandemic, ask why governments
have pre-emptively undermined public health,
weakened national pandemic plans, forbidden effective cures,

and administered harmful if not deadly treatments.

Furthermore, they are now forcing citizens — using the blackmail
of perpetual lockdowns, stay-at-home orders,
and unconstitutional “green passes” —

to submit to vaccines that not only do not guarantee any
immunity, but rather involve serious short-term and long-term
side effects,
as well as further spreading more resistant forms of the virus.

Looking for any logic in what we are told by the mainstream
media, government officials, virologists,
and so-called “experts” is practically impossible,

but this enchanting unreasonableness will disappear
and turn into the most cynical rationality
if we only reverse our point of view.

That is, we must renounce thinking that our rulers are acting
with our good in mind,
and more generally we must stop believing that those who speak
to us are honest, sincere, and motivated by good principles.

Of course, it is easier to think that the pandemic is real,
that a mortal virus exists that is killing millions of victims,
and that our leaders and doctors should be appreciated for
the effort they have made
in the face of an event that caught all of them unprepared;

or that the “invisible enemy” has been effectively defeated
by the amazing vaccine which the pharmaceutical companies,
with the purest humanitarian spirit
and without any economic self-interest,
have produced in record time.

And then there are the relatives, friends, and colleagues
who look at us as if we are crazy,
calling us “conspiracy theorists” — or —
as a certain conservative intellectual has begun to do
with me — they will accuse us of exasperating the tones
of a debate which, if moderated, they say,
would help us to better understand the terms of the matter.
( . . . )

The lie seduced many, even among conservatives and
traditionalists themselves.
We too, at times, find it difficult to believe that the
traders of iniquity are so well-organized,

that they have succeeded in manipulating information,
blackmailing politicians, corrupting doctors,

and intimidating businessmen in order to force billions
of people to wear a useless muzzle

and consider the vaccine as the only way to escape certain death.

And yet all it takes is one read through the guidelines that
the WHO wrote in 2019 — regarding the “Covid-19”
that was still to come —

to understand that there is a single script under a single
direction, with actors who stick to the part assigned to them

and a claque of mercenary journalists who shamelessly
distort reality.

Let us observe the entire operation from the outside,
trying to identify the recurring elements:

the unconfessability of the criminal design of the elite,
the need to cloak it with acceptable ideals,

the creation of an emergency situation for which the elite
have already planned a solution
that would otherwise be unacceptable.

It could be an increase in funding for weapons or a
tightening of controls such as happened immediately after the
attack on the Twin Towers,
the exploitation of Iraq’s energy resources with the pretext
that Saddam Hussein possesses chemical and biological weapons,
or the transformation of society and work in the wake of
a pandemic.
There is always an excuse behind these actions,
an apparent cause, something false that hides reality,
a lie; in short: a fraud.

Lying is the trademark of the architects of the Great Resets
(... )

Like all frauds, those that are hatched by the devil and his
servants are based on false promises that will never be kept,
in exchange for which we give up a certain good
that will never be restored to us.
In Eden, the prospect of becoming like gods led to the loss
of friendship with God and to eternal damnation,
which only the redemptive Sacrifice of Our Lord was able
to repair.
(... )

With the pandemic, little by little they told us that
isolation, lockdowns, masks, curfews, “live-streamed Masses,”

distance-learning, “smartworking,” recovery funds, vaccines,
and “green passes”
would permit us to come out of the emergency, and,
believing in this lie, we renounced the rights and lifestyles

that they warned us would never return:
“Nothing will be the same again.”

The “new normal” will still be presented to us as a concession
that will require us to accept the deprivation of freedoms
that we had taken for granted,

and accordingly we will compromise without understanding the
absurdity of our compliance
and the obscenity of the demands of those who command us,

giving us orders so absurd that they truly require a total
abdication of reason and dignity.

At each step there is a new turn of the screw
and a further step towards the abyss:

If we do not stop ourselves in this race towards collective
suicide we will never go back.

It is our duty to uncover the deception of this Great Reset,

because the same deception may be attributed to all the other
assaults that, over the course of history, have sought to
nullify the work of Redemption
and establish the tyranny of the Antichrist.
Because, in reality, this is what the architects of the
Great Reset are aiming for.

[ han omtaler nok Diktaturet som åndshistorisk verdensmakt ]

/ / /

jeg har forsynt meg med noen høydepunkter og skrudd ned
enkelte, slik jeg ser det, mindre saklige og partiske
ettersom denne eldre Embetsmann hører til et stort sett,
noe kultisk intellektuelt samfunn som jeg ikke så lett
identifiserer meg med.

Men Embetsmannen kan jo ikke være helt dum,
så les gjerne hele fremstillingen hans.. -- HER -- >

og har du spørsmål eller finner du noen mulig svake punkter,
så ta det så hjerne opp til drøftelse!

Han jobber visst som Erkebiskop, vi lar det være ærlig sak.


Neo-Feudalism: >

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