When I wrote my first book about the coronavirus (Coming Apocalypse)
I 'was told' that I was not allowed to mention the word ‘coronavirus’
anywhere in the title or the book itself.

And so I went through the entire book and managed to write round
the word ‘coronavirus’ around 250 times.

Even so, I thought at the time that there was a real risk that
all my other books (close to 100 of them in all) would be removed
from sale because of the content of 'Coming Apocalypse' (...)

When I first started making videos I was aware that
the use of the words ‘vaccine’ and ‘vaccination’
were considered illegal by some
if used in association with criticism of any kind.

Experience has, however, told me that these words are
(surprisingly) now slightly less of a problem than they were
when I published 'Coming Apocalypse'.
Also, it now appears that it may be possible to use the words
‘coronavirus’ and ‘covid-19’ in some circumstances.

The attention of the self-appointed authorities has been
directed to words such as ‘masks’ and ‘social distancing’.
These are now ‘dirty’ words
and using them will attract a long period in detention,
500 lines and a meeting with the headmaster in his study.

It is difficult to know precisely when the coronavirus hoax
really started – or who was responsible for initiating what has,
without question, turned out to be the greatest fraud
in human history.
This text explains just how a bunch of crooks are using the fear
which has been deliberately created out of a fairly ordinary flu
bug to take over the world.
Making huge profits has been effectively disguised as philanthropy.

The hysterical simpletons who are now scaring themselves silly
over global warming
don’t realise that the only thing which is man-made about the scare
is the scare itself.

But in fact the climate change hoax came relatively late onto
the scene
and was introduced merely to tighten the screw on the global

The current global crisis, which is rapidly removing all our
freedoms, started much earlier
and can be traced back for decades.

However, the plan really accelerated into action after the
Second World War.
You don’t have to look too hard to find the evidence.

The World Health Organisation was founded in 1947, and its
first director general was a fellow called George Brock Chisholm

who is largely forgotten now except for his enthusiasm for
world government.

Chisholm is famous (or infamous) for having said: "To achieve
world government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men
their individualism, loyalty to family tradition,
national patriotism and religious dogmas."

That should have rung alarm bells.
But at the time no one much noticed.


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