Death with a double Edge is book 4 in the historical murder mystery series by Anne Perry, published by Ballantine Books. If features junior barrister Daniel Pitt who is assigned to secretly investigate the mysterious murder of top financial barrister Jonah Drake to keep the law firm above suspicion in case his last activity was not exactly above board. Danile’s father, Head of Special Branch Thomas Pitt, offers valuable advice while his trusted friend and colleague Toby Kitteridge works on the legal issues. Together they reveal ties to the murder of a woman with connections to a number of wealthy men and find links to politics and dangerous illegal activity. As the case moves forward, more people are found dead in the same area of London. –Even to Daniel’s own family get too close to danger.

Main character, junior barrister Daniel Pitt is well connected with a middleclass upbringing. He seems quite empathic and broad minded for a man of his time, particularly his view of women is quite impressive. It’s easy to name him my favorite of this story.
Supporting character is colleague and friend Toby Kitteridge who has worked in the law firm for 8 years. He seems a methodical, trustworthy and kind man who seems to devote all his time to the job.

The setting of this story is late spring/early summer of 1911in London. Other books I have read of Anne Perry has been set in autumn/winter with plenty of darkness, rain and foggy cold weather where the characters are in need of huddling in front of fireplaces with cups of tea to warm themselves and dry up. This one stands out with its spring vibe and descriptions of light, sun and flowers. I also loved the historical context of London 1911. Technical inventions like motor driven vehicles have replaced hansom cabs and horse drawn carriages. The writing is beautiful and I particularly loved the description of feelings and closeness between Daniel and his parents which are my favorite part s of the story. When Daniel uses his parents as sounding boards, it clarifies the drama and adds an enjoyable sense of danger and gloom to the story. The dialogue is super clear and helps readers follow every step of the way as the plot is meticulously ironed out.

Readers who enjoy historical murder mystery would enjoy this one and might wish to follow the new series. Fans of Anne Perry would love this addition to her extensive work. Thank you to Ballantine Books, author Anne Perry and my local library for the opportunity to share my honest review. All opinions are completely my own.

Conclusion: Death with a double Edge is the fascinating story where junior barrister Daniel Pitt investigates the murder of his senior colleague who has gotten too close to a case with ties to politics and a luxury prostitute with connections to a number of wealthy men. Daniel’s own family ends up in danger.

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