This book was scary. First of all,
I had no idea
how widespread the problem of young men and women leaving
their home country to wage jihad had become.

Anna Erelle was almost effortlessly sucked in to a horrific
situation that has actually happened to hundreds of young
people from Europe.
She demonstrates how easily a young woman, who may be lonely,
marginalized, or searching for meaning, could be swept away
by a religious fanatic so that she could never return home.

Once these young people hit the Syrian border, their passports
are taken so that, even if they changed their minds,
they couldn't go back.
And, the worst part is that it happened so quickly.
The events of In the Skin of a Jihadist occur over the course
of one month.
Reading this as a parent, this book was a nightmare:
One minute, your child is home with you- the next they are
on a one-way flight to Turkey and they're never coming back.

..I learned more about sharia law than I had known before
..and also about why people would chose that type of lifestyle -
it was all profoundly disturbing.

( fra goodreads )

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