Frankrike har bannlyst mobiltelefoner og WiFi i skoler
ungdomsskoler og bannehager:

..lawmakers decided that students under the age of 15
must leave their cellphones at home,
or at least have them turned off during the school day.
French high schools will be allowed to decide whether they
implement this ban in their classrooms.

..the French government announced this ban as an attempt to send
a “public health message”

( theverge )

It can have damaging effects on our bodies.
Wireless transmitters are becoming more powerful. ..
See our courses for additional safety measures

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has confirmed that radiofrequency
electromagnetic fields can be carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B).

Wireless phone use has been linked to an increased risk for brain cancer.

The National Agency Health Safety of Food, Environment and Labour (ANSES)
has also recommended to limit exposure of the population to radiofrequencies -
especially from mobile phones - and especially for children and heavy users.

What is even more worrying is that exposure to such radiations isn’t limited
to Wi-Fi
but every other gadget that you and your child love so much -

cell phones, cordless phones, wireless laptops, routers, electronic devices…
even electrical wiring, smart meters and phone towers!

Taking a strong, proactive step to minimise damage, the French National
Assembly in January 29, 2015 passed a national law to reduce exposure
to wireless radiation and electromagnetic fields.
While Wi-Fi and wireless devices have been completely banned in nurseries
and daycare centres, their use has also been severely restricted in schools ..

..even India has started taking emergency steps. The Rajasthan High Court
for instance, has directed telecom service providers to remove towers
that are near schools, hospitals and play grounds.

Such actions are, .. "A first step in the legal recognition of the need
to regulate the development of mobile phone communications
and all wireless applications.
This legislative effort must be an encouragement to go further
in protecting people."

( worldofmoms !)

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