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But I did use Twitter to help a micro-budget movie I'd written get funded, as well as to find its male lead, and once to mistakenly, drunkenly, order drugs. I'd thought I was texting.

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Barbra Streisand told the media she was gaining weight because of Trump. Lena Dunham told media she was losing weight because of Trump. People everywhere were now blamimg the president for their own problems and neuroses.

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When I accepted the invitation I had no idea that GLAAD [(Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)] harbored any resentment toward me as someone who occasionally expressed his distaste for stereotypical Hollywood representation in transgressive language on his Twitter account. In fact, GLAAD had nominated The Rules of Attraction as movie of the year in 2003; it lost to The Hours, where (of course) a tormented gay man with AIDS conmits suicide by throwing himself out of a window in front of Meryl Streep.

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[Jean-Michel] Basquiat asked why there were so few black people in my first two novels and I said something about the casual racism of the white society I was depicting and we lit up cigarettes as we walked back, high, to the respective groups at our tables—just a typical encounter for me in the fall of 1987.

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