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There's nothing worse than cheap red wine unless it's cheap white wine that has been allowed to get warm.

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I hoped he had a good bottle or two of good red wine to get him through the night, because it appeared if ever a man needed that it was my friend, Francois. Unless it was my friend, Jon. Unless it was me.

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He was one of those who looked like a genius. I looked like a dishwasher so these types always pissed me just a bit.

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Then we were introduced around. Then there was silence. We stood there as if we had lost all power of thought, of what we were about. I rather liked it. I thought, well, this is allright, I can stand around here as long as anybody. I concentrated on the twisted wire of the light bulb cord.

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I looked in the mirror. I liked myself but I didn't like myself in the mirror. I didn't look like that. I finished my drink.

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