Faith in God, then, is not at all the same as the kind of logical certainty that we attain in Euclidean geometry. God is not the conclusion to a process of reasoning, the solution to a mathematical problem. To believe in God is not to accept the possibility of his existence because it has been «proved» to us by some theoretical argument, but it is to put our trust in One whom we know and love. Faith is not the supposition that something might be true, but the assurance that someone is there.

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'Someone Is there'. Et grunntema hos Francis A Schaeffer
med skriftet The God who Is there ( pres. med sitater )
og motto Honest answers to honest questions .

"It was as though the rationalist suddenly became trapped
in a large darkness...
he would feel his way to the walls and look for an exit...
then the terrifying truth would dawn on him that
there was no exit at all! ...
and so, departing from the classical method of antithesis,
they shifted the concept of truth -- and modern man was born."

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