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To better understand Islam, one must appreciate the thoroughly
legalistic nature of the religion. (..)

"Common sense" or "universal opinion" has little to do with Islam's
notions of right and wrong.
Only what Allah (through the Quran) and his prophet Muhammad
(through the Hadith) have to say about any given issue matters;
and how Islam's greatest theologians and jurists – collectively
known as the ulema, literally, "they who know" –
have articulated it.

According to sharia, in certain situations, deception –
also known as 'taqiyya', based on Quranic terminology, –
is not only permitted
but sometimes obligatory.
For instance, contrary to early Christian history, Muslims who must
choose between either recanting Islam or being put to death
are not only permitted to lie by pretending to have apostatised,
but many jurists have decreed that, according to Quran 4:29,
Muslims are obligated to lie in such instances.

As a doctrine, taqiyya was first codified by Shia Muslims,
primarily as a result of their historical experience.
Long insisting that the caliphate rightly belonged to the prophet
Muhammad's cousin and son-in-law, Ali
(and subsequently his descendents), the Shia were
a vocal and powerful branch of Islam that emerged following
Muhammad's death.
After the internal Islamic Fitna wars from the years 656 AD to
661 AD, however, the Shia became a minority branch,
persecuted by mainstream Muslims or Sunnis – so-called because
they follow the example or 'sunna' of Muhammad and his companions.
Taqiyya became pivotal to Shia survival. (..)

Several of Saudi Arabia's highest clerics have even issued fatwas
sanctioning the killing of Shias.
As a result, figures on the Arabian kingdom's Shia population vary
wildly from as low as 1 per cent to nearly 20 per cent.
Many Shias living there obviously choose to conceal their religious
identity. As a result of some 1,400 years of Shia taqiyya,
the Sunnis often accuse the Shias of being habitual liars,
insisting that taqiyya is ingrained in Shia culture.

Conversely, the Sunnis have historically had little reason to
dissemble or conceal any aspect of their faith,
which would have been deemed dishonorable, especially when dealing
with their historic competitors and enemies, the Christians.
From the start, Islam burst out of Arabia subjugating much of
the known world,
and, throughout the Middle Ages, threatened to engulf all of
In a world where might made right, the Sunnis had nothing to
apologise for, much less to hide from the 'infidel'.

Paradoxically, however, today many Sunnis are finding themselves
in the Shias' place: living as minorities in Western countries
surrounded and governed by their traditional foes.
The primary difference is that, extremist Sunnis and Shia tend to
reject each other outright,
as evidenced by the ongoing Sunni-Shia struggle in Iraq,
whereas, in the West, where freedom of religion is guaranteed,
Sunnis need only dissemble over a few aspects of their faith.

/ / /

Following the terrorist attacks on the United States of 11 September
2001, a group of prominent Muslims wrote a letter to Americans
saying that Islam is a tolerant religion that seeks to coexist
with others.

Bin Laden castigated them, saying:

"As to the relationship between Muslims and infidels, this is
summarised by the Most High's Word:
'We renounce you. Enmity and hate shall forever reign between us –
till you believe in Allah alone'

[Quran 60:4].

So there is an enmity, evidenced by fierce hostility from the heart.
And this fierce hostility – that is battle – ceases only if
the infidel submits to the authority of Islam,

or if his blood is forbidden from being shed [a dhimmi –
a non-Muslim subject living as a "second-class" citizen in an
Islamic state in accordance to Quran 9:29],
or if Muslims are at that point in time weak and incapable
[a circumstance under which taqiyya applies].

But if the hate at any time extinguishes from the heart, this is
great apostasy!
Such, then, is the basis and foundation of the relationship between
the infidel and the Muslim.
Battle, animosity and hatred, directed from the Muslim to the infidel,
is the foundation of our religion.
And we consider this a justice and kindness to them."

This hostile world view is traceable to Islam's schools of
When addressing Western audiences, however, Bin Laden's tone
significantly changes.

/ /

( fra -- forelesninger -- av Raymond Ibrahim )

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Some things we prefer not to know.

Among these .. is an accurate account of the origins, extent,
and the means of expansion of Islam over its now 1200 year history.

During this time period, the armies of Islam managed to conquer a good fifth
of the world’s geography and population.
This growth and expansion show few signs of abating, in spite of Islam’s
expulsion from Spain in the fifteenth century and from the Balkans
in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
The main reason that Islam is not larger is because — and only because —
it was defeated in some major historic battles.
In recent years, with its high birth-rate and its immigration, Islam has a new lease
on life in the West, particularly in Europe,
from which it had been turned back in the eighth century at the battle of Tours
and in the fifteenth at Vienna.

Both Europe and America are now dotted with mosques in hundreds of places,
the construction of which is usually financed by Saudi Arabia.

In this riveting account of the history of Islam’s military accomplishments,
Raymond Ibrahim shows that Islam has followed a consistent policy
that has combined politics, war, terror, and religion.
Its purpose was, and remains, essentially religious,
however unwilling we might be, because of our own presuppositions,
to grant that fact.


The second striking thing is the extent and prevalence of slavery,
of slave markets, of the need of slaves to make possible the kind of life
that Muslim leaders carved out for themselves.
Most Americans are aware that slavery existed in their own country.
What is not so widely known is the place of Arab middle men who were the
slave brokers for both black and white slaves.
Though slavery is found in many cultures throughout history, it was a
constant element in Muslim life.
And the slaves were not mostly black, but white;
the choice slaves were acquired by raids along the European coasts
or as the booty of conquest.

Near the end of the book, Ibrahim recounts the experience of the early American
founders with Islam.
The first American war, some might be surprised to learn, was with the
Barbary Pirates in North Africa.
The United States paid regular and enormous ransom fees to recover Americans
held as hostages.
Ibrahim cites the letter that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson wrote to Congress
on March 28, 1786:

"We took the liberty to make some inquiries concerning the grounds of their (Muslim)
pretentions to make war against nations who had done them no injury,
and observed that we considered all mankind as our friends who had done us no wrong,
nor had given us any provocation.
The (Muslim) ambassador answered us that it was founded on the laws of their Prophet,
that was written in their Koran,
that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners,
that it was their right and duty to make war on them wherever they could be found
and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners,
and that every Musselman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise .."

..several questions. Can one really be a faithful Muslim and not accept
this history and its rationale?
Can non-Muslims rest content that this religious warfare in various forms will not
be unleashed on them whenever the opportunity arises?

As Ibrahim points out, a Muslim is free to say in public that he will not practice
violence, provided that he secretly agrees in his heart
that he will follow, when he can, the Koran and what it says about such violence.

..Efforts to democratize Islam have taught many Muslims how to use democratic
processes for their long term goals.
While Islam approves of conquest by arms, it does not disdain any other way to power
if it can finally impose its law (Sharia).
..the use of terrorist tactics can, if unchecked, still effectively disrupt
and even weaken any modern society.
..The recent defeat of ISIS on the ground made clear that its expansion might
now use other means.

Historically, Christians and non-Christians falling under the control of Muslim
majorities have been required to pay a fine and accept second class citizenship,
convert, or die.
Peace for Islam means the condition brought about when everyone is Muslim.
Until then, a state of war with non-Muslims de facto exists.
Again, the purpose of Islam is the subjection of all men and nations to Allah.
Without this ultimate goal, Islam is not Islam.

( fra bokmelding her > )

13 land har dødsstraff for ulydighet mot islam:
"Apostasi är belagd med dödsstraff i 13 länder.
Som utav ett sammanträffande är samtliga dessa länder islamska. "

En viktig yrkestenker het Chamberlain,
etter en kort konferanse med Adolf Hitler kom han hjem
med kofferten full av varig fred (1938).

"Historien gjentar seg.
er nødt -- ingen hører etter"

sånn er det, vi har nok valgt å bo på en klode der
de forstandige regjeringsmenn har . . . visse problemer
med å leve opp til all tilliten de forskuddsvis tok ut ?
.. med å skjønne hvorfor det ikke spontant blir idyll
og varig fred -
for all den selvros og godtro vi har investert.

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HATEplikt uten rabatt:

Islamkritisk teolog Raymond Ibrahim gir aktuelle eksempler
på hvordan HATEplikten forkynnes som daglig krav på
den menige muslim : Allah bare krever det.

America’s supposed best Muslim friends and allies — such as
Saudi Arabia and Qatar — are on record
calling on all Muslims to hate us.
According to a Saudi governmental run website, Muslims must
“oppose and hate whomever Allah commands us to oppose and hate,
including the Jews, the Christians, and other mushrikin
[non-Muslims], until they believe in Allah alone and abide
by his laws.."

Den finere skriften:

Krigsfanger kan som alltid tas til sex-slaver, men
det er skriftmisbruk å gi dem daglig status som nesten-hustruer -

Teologer avsiler stadig myggen og sluker kamelen,
som en kjent teolog-kritiker slo fast for etpar tusen år siden.

"..scholars apparently fail to understand that inherently unjust
laws — ones that permit the sexual enslavement of women
because they are non-Muslims
or that operate on the assumption that the value of human lives is
based on their Muslim or non-Muslim status —
will always be “abused.”"

For instance, Koran 2:256 says there is no coercion in Islam.
Yet, because other Koran verses call on Muslims to hate (60:4; 3:28)
and war on Christians and Jews (9:29),
it is only natural that, past and present, forced conversions
have been common.
After all, pressuring hell-bound infidels to embrace Islam
can be rationalized as an altruistic act.
Moreover, it helps empower Islam, which is always a good thing?


The prophet said, “a Muslim must not be killed on account of a kafir
[infidel].” Why? Because their blood is not equal.
The blood of the Muslim is superior.
Call it racism or whatever you want, but
of course the blood of the Muslim is superior.

This is not open to debate.


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Herjede Armenia,

rammet av religiøs-revolusjonære folkemord i
millionklasse gjennom episoder ca 1915 til 1923.

Første presserapporterte folkemord, og blant historiens største
muslimske massehenrettelser av kristne,

slik Raymond Ibrahim omtaler på web her >
sammen med den unge overlevende Auroras bok.

Most objective American historians agree unequivocally ;
it was a deliberate, calculated genocide:

More than one million Armenians perished as the result of
execution, starvation, disease, harsh environment,
and physical abuse.
A people who lived in eastern Turkey for nearly 3,000 years
( more than double the time the invading Islamic Turks
had occupied Anatolia, now known as “Turkey” )
lost its homeland

and was profoundly decimated in the first large-scale genocide
of the twentieth century.


Fra nyutgitt kommentert utgave hos UP of Miss.:

"Ravished Armenia" and the Story of Aurora Mardiganian is the
real-life tale of a teenage Armenian girl
who was caught up in the 1915 Armenian genocide ..

Mardiganian (1901-1994) witnessed the murder of her family and
the suffering of her people at the hands of the Ottoman Empire.
Forced to march over fourteen hundred miles, she was sold
into slavery.
When she escaped to the United States, Mardiganian was then
exploited ..

1918-utgaven ligger hos archive.org i flere filformater samt
web-lesbar. >

'Du lille fredens Bethlehem'

Wikipedia: -- om boken -- -- om krigen

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1: For lesere som ønsker fakta.

EX-MN eller Ex-Muslims of Norway er norsk forum /
organisasjon for tidligere muslimer.

De kom til Norge i små daglige sendinger
og lærte etter hvert at det kunne finnes frihet
til å granske og diskutere, vurdere og kritisere

selv ekstreme autoritære og krigerske kulter eller

Typisk regner de seg for å ha vært muslimer, om
kulturelt, om kultisk påtvunget, eller entusiastisk
frivillig --
men de har lært å nytte norsk frihet
til å granske og føre åpen debatt og kritikk.

I tillit til at den norske rettsstat skal kunne
verne dem mot verdenskrig samt defekt tenkning,
hat-kultisme og psykopatisk/ zombiske hat-handlinger
i massive piskeslag, bombinger, mordattentat mot
journalister og kunstnere.., samt fotgjengerjakt og
massemord -
( alt i en eksplisitt navngitt ørkendeitets navn. )

-Ganske dristig prosjekt, Ex-MN - må Gud gi at det lykkes.

[ Det er verken teorem eller nødvendig trossetning
at Gud detter ut av himmelen av at enkelte snodige
skapninger Han har latt fremgå, kaller seg 'ateister'.]

" En av de som kontaktet oss var ei jente på 19 år,
etter at hun så navnet EX-Muslim og gikk inn for å sjekke
hva dette var. Hun ble så glad over å ha funnet oss
og så at det faktisk gikk an å forlate islam.
Vi får også mange meldinger fra andre som sier de må leve
som muslimer her i Norge på grunn av redsel
fra å bli utstøtt fra familien og venner, pluss andre ting
som kan skje hvis de står fram med sitt frafall."

KAN DU TRO på disse som vitner om slik bakgrunn?

De har et greit nok nettsted, sjekk det ut:
' Ex-Muslims of Norway '.

Tiltaket virker troverdig på meg, innlegg er varierte
og personlige --
det virker nærmest som redelig debatt.

Som nye landsmenn må de altså se på at enkelte av våre
Døtre og Sønner føler seg tiltrukket av temmelig
belastet, makt-autoritær, destruktiv kultvare - -
( og blir departementsfunksjonærer og slikt med et fast
forsett om at vi må ha akkurat maken i vårt land ! )

Her er mye nytt å lære seg å forstå.
( sier jeg som har lang ansiennitet i landet.. )

Se også på lenker Ex-Mu spanderer, instruktivt:

The Religion of Peace

Answering Islam

Answering Islam, koran-systematikk

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Watch

Halvor Tjønn

Halvor Tjønn (ii) -

Historisk perspektiv ved Raymond Ibrahim, ex-muslim

( - ii - )

/ / / / /

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Det hører nok med i mange kultiske fenomener ja, at det
lagerføres to versjoner: en intern og en ytre markedsført
utgave av program og lære.
Ikke minst med såpass vanntett språkskille som 'gjelder'
mellom arabisk og vestlige språk - vokser tjenesten villig.

Dermed består for tiden et gruvoldelig rabalder omkring
termen 'Taqiyya', opprinnelig
'teologisk understøttet nødløgn' -

vi må kanskje lære det begrepet før det blir slettet av
alle oppslagsverker, det skjer nå -- for det var visst
litt avslørende?

Vi kan lete det opp hos ex-muslimsk teolog Raymond Ibrahim,
der står det   fali sentralt..

til og med 'Taqiyya about taqiyya', litt from nødløgn til å
tåkelegge begrepet selv, skjønner vi..

og til og med på norsk :

Godt sagt! (2) Varsle Svar

Hvordan vil egyptergud Anubis kunne true dine interesser?

Dette trusel-bildet du vil føre opp..? Hvordan skal vi forstå det,
hvor objektivt må det forstås?

Det skal finnes fagfolk og institusjoner med omfattende general-
ansvar for å vurdere truselbilder, et sterkt aktuelt fag.
Hva tilslutning vil de fagmiljøene kunne gi deg?

Skal vi forstå hva 'trusel' er, må vi straks elementært skille
objektivt fra subjektivt. Eller også redeligst fra 'symptomatisk'.
ok ?

Hvis det overhodet eksisterer 'propaganda' i verden, forstått som
noe listig fiendtlig, må 'farlig trusel' bli daglig redskap i
det faget --
men neppe noe de vil se lønnsomt å presisere, vi derimot sitter
med den oppgaven. Vil du bidra til den ønskelige oppklaringen i
begrepene fra grunnen av?

Vebjørn Selbekk har skrevet en viktig bok der det handler om
antatt 'religiøst motivert' truselbilde, like til bombeterror,
mord og kvasi militær eller nær offisiell krig
(terrorisme med stats-ambisjoner).
Som nå erfarent terrormål har kristne Vebjørn
aktuell innsikt, og kontakt med yrkesbasert trusel-vurdering.

Disse fagmiljøenes primære, nær unike pasient er det livssyn
som bokstavlig korsfester oss som tror på den oppstandne Frelser.

Mest nærliggende skulle vi vel gjerne tro at dette 'bare'
dreier seg om samvittighetsløs, psykologisk listig
infiltrasjon under 'helt vanlige' krigsplaner -
fra krigsmakt som vet mer om menneskesinnet enn vi er blitt
innviet i..
der 'fanatisk galskap' helt nøkternt ønskes lagt under 'åk'
som ny våpenart i presist planlagt verdenskrig.
Å styre hardt psykisk pressede rekrutter er relativt lett,
men der kan true senskade-effekter. Om ikke livssyn, så kan
tydeligvis dødssyn symptomatisk endres..

Verdens hat og galskap blir egen fagretning i fredsforskning,

der ser vi ikke mye til det fanatisk krigende hat mot
'religiøst motiverte' destruktive styrker i verdensgeriljakrig.
Krigens mål er såpass saklig, de fromme må utryddes eller
legges i underkastelse.. her prioriteres. Plan og logikk..

men det må se ut til at krigen fungerer som en egen åndsmakt
med prioriteter og planlegging, noe verre enn helt 'naturlig'
friksjon søsken imellom?

Vel jeg har to rel. enkle oppgaver til alle som vil videre i
dette mysteriet.

1, vurder analyse og metoder hos de 'embetsansvarlige' for
i det nære eller i større skala og helhet:
Kan de ha oversett noe, hvordan skal de følge sporet videre?

2, hvordan truer dødsguden Anubis meg ??
..eller en levende, oppstanden Frelser som har vunnet over
dødsmaktene og vil tilby meg evig liv, presis etter Skaperens
opprinnelige evige planer.
Er sistnevnte verre truende, forklar konflikten ?

Ikke så truende bok om truselbildet, ved Vebjørn K S

relatert, en av mange bokmeldinger på R.Ibrahim “Sword and Scimitar”


" Frykt er ikke i kjærligheten,
men den fullkomne kjærligheten driver frykten ut.
For frykten har med straff å gjøre, og den som frykter,
er ikke blitt fullkommen i kjærligheten.
Vi elsker fordi han elsket oss først."

( 1.Joh brev 4 )

så du er på sporet der, frykten viker for sann kjærlighet!

Godt sagt! (2) Varsle Svar

In March 2012, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah,
declared that it is “necessary to destroy all the churches”
in the Arabian Peninsula,
basing his decree on the Muslim prophet’s deathbed wish
that the Peninsula tolerate no other religion than Islam.

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Long gone are the days when the West, confident in its own
ways, attracted Muslims to its civilizational achievements.

Now, apologizing for its 'sins' and demonizing its own
Christian heritage while whitewashing (..) others,
the West only pushes Muslims back to reclaiming their
Islamic heritage. ..

In the 19th century, when the West was unapologetically
hegemonic, Muslims not only respected the West but also
tried to emulate it. The reason for this admiration is
Islam, quintessential religion of 'Might makes Right'
focuses respect for power .. such emulation .. explains why
much of the muslim world Westernized and secularized,
leading to a Golden age of tolerance for Christian minorities.

When the West, at least popular culture in the West, became
spiritually bankrupt and began apologizing for itself,
Muslims disgusted turned back to Islam and its 'way' the Sharia -

all, of course, to Western approval and encouragement.

And now the myopic West cannot comprehend that muslims have
gone back to treating Christians in the exact same ways
Muslims treated Christians before muslims began to emulate
the West. This history is allbut lost.

..the cognitive dissonance between what the multiculturalists
in the West believe about the benign and even superior culture
of Islam,
and what is reported as actually taking place in the Muslim
world, is so great
that much of the Western world simply cannot take in the facts.

But the reality is (..) that as the Muslim world reclaims its
Islamic identity, distinctly Islamic practices from centuries past
are returning, including Muslim persecution of Christians. ...

.."the proliferation of the hijab is strongly correlated with
increased terrorism" ...

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Often translated as "Islamic law", Sharia simply means the
"Islamic way" of doing things.

Christians are suffering under the return of Sharia,
from one end of the Muslim world to the other.

According to the "Islamic Way", wherever and whenever Muslims
are in power or getting more power, churches are outlawed,
burned and bombed,
while Bibles are confiscated and destroyed.

Freedom of speech - to speak positively of Christianity or
critically of Islam - is denied, often on pain of death.

Born Muslims who wish to convert to Christianity out of sincere
religious conviction are denied this basic freedom,
also on pain of death.

Christians are deemed to be less than second-class citizens by
many Muslim governments and Muslim populations. They cannot
get justice against their Muslim oppressors. Christian women
are routinely abducted, raped, and forced to convert to islam.

Increasingly, Christians are able to justify their very existence
only by paying large amounts of ransom -- money extorted in the
name of Jihad, Islam's "holy war" to subjugate or eliminate

Although Muslim persecution of Christians is one of the most
dramatic stories of our times, it is also one of the least known
in the West.
Such ignorance was not always the case. Ironically, much of the
material in this book that may be new to Western readers would
have been old news to their European ancestors of centuries past.
The exact patterns we see today in the Muslim persecution of
Christians were quite familiar to Christians who lived in contact
with the Muslim world in past centuries ...

In just the first few decades of its existence, Islam had already
conquered half of the Christian world's lands --
including regions that were the backbone of early Christianity,
such as Syria and Egypt --
while Europe was continually besieged ...

"the classic tradition was shattered," writes historian Henri
Pirenne, "because Islam had destroyed the ancient unity of the

For centuries European Christians lived perpetually under threat
of the Islamic conquest that had already forever changed the
Middle East historian Bernard Lewis writes,

For more than a thousand years, Europe - that is to say
'Christendom' - was under constant threat of Islamic attack and
conquest. If the Muslims were repelled in one region, they
appeared in greater strength in another. As far away as
Iceland, Christians still prayed in their churches for God to
save them from the "terror of the Turk".
These fears were not unfounded, as in 1627 Muslim corsairs
from North Africa raided their coasts and carried off
four hundred captives, for sale in the slave market of Algiers.

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