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A modern fairy tale, it tells the story of Dorothy, who lives on a Kansas farm with Uncle Henry, Aunt Em and Toto the dog. When a cyclone strikes before she can make it to the storm cellar, she and Toto are swept up with the house and dropped in the land of the Munchkins, accidentally killing their despotic ruler—the Wicked Witch of the East—as they land. Despite the magical land she has landed in, all Dorothy wants to do is to get back to Kansas, so the Good Witch of the North gives her the other witch’s silver shoes (they are famously portrayed as ruby slippers in the classic 1939 film version of the story) and sends her along the yellow-brick road with a protective kiss, to find the Wizard of Oz. On her way, she encounters many dangers, as well as a scarecrow who wants a brain that is not filled with straw, a cowardly lion who wants courage, and a tin man who wants a heart. The terrifying wizard in the emerald city assigns them a further challenge, which will enable them all to achieve their desires. After all their hardships, encounters with goodies, baddies, evil witches and funny animals, will Dorothy get back to Kansas?

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