The temporal void

part two of the void trilogy

av (forfatter).

Pan Books 2011 Heftet

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The Intersolar Commonwealth is in turmoil as the Living Dream's deadline for launching its Pilgrimage into the Void draws closer. Not only is the Ocisen Empire fleet fast approaching on a mission of genocide, but also an internecine war has broken out between the post-human factions over the destiny of humanity. Countering the various and increasingly desperate agents and factions is Paula Myo, a ruthlessly single-minded investigator, beset by foes from her distant past and colleagues of dubious allegiance...but she is fast losing a race against time. At the heart of all this is Edeard the Waterwalker, who once lived a long time ago deep inside the Void. He is the messiah of Living Dream, and visions of his life are shared by, and inspire billions of humans. It is his glorious, captivating story that is the driving force behind Living Dream's Pilgrimage, a force that is too strong to be thwarted. As Edeard nears his final victory the true nature of the Void is finally revealed.

Omtale fra forlaget

The Commonwealth is in turmoil as the Living Dream cult prepares to pilgrimage into the Void. Breaching this sealed micro-verse could cause an irreparable rift in space. But the cult's fanatics won't be halted, as the Void projects dreams of a paradise. An enemy invasion fleet also approaches as the Oscien Empire takes advantage of the Commonwealth's confusion. Yet unity is impossible, as post-human factions enter an internecine war over humanity's destiny. Investigator Paula Myo is determined to find the Void's latest prophet, believing this could unlock the crisis, but even she will need help. This 'Second Dreamer' is even now channelling the Void's latest visions to a rapt humanity. At the heart of events is Edeard the Waterwalker, who lived long ago within the Void. He's Living Dream's messiah, visions of his crusade against injustice inspiring billions and Edeard's glorious story has also incited the Pilgrimage. And, as his ultimate triumph approaches, the Void's true nature will be revealed. 'This is thrilling stuff ...compulsively readable' The Times


Forlag Pan Books

Utgivelsesår 2011

Format Heftet

ISBN13 9780330507882

EAN 9780330507882

Genre Science fiction

Språk Engelsk

Utgave 1

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